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190122 Myoko

日付と場所 Date & Location

投稿者 Observer Contributor
観察日付 Observation At 190122
投稿日時 Posted At 190117 17:34
エリア Range 妙高・戸隠 Myoko/Togakushi
山岳 Mountain Myoko
場所 Location Seki Onsen
同行者 Co-worker Grant Statham
雪崩情報 Avalanche Infomation 雪崩情報

観察データ Observation data

標高 Elevation 900m〜1250m
気温 Temp. -5.0( / ) 〜 -3.0( / )
天気 Sky X 不明()
風 Wind 風速 Wind Speed:L 1-7m/s
風向 Wind Direction:NE
風コメント Wind Comments:Not much snow transport observed even at ridgecrests in forest
降水 Precipitation 降水の種類 Precip. Type:S 雪
降水の強度 Precip. Rate:S3
降水コメント Precip. Comments:135 cm in 48 hrs settling well
雪崩などの観察 Avalanche Observations Only sloughing in very steep terrain. No cracking or whumphing seen
雪崩発生有無 Avalanche Activities_Yes or No No
積雪構造 Snowpack Deep with no significant layers observed at all.
Spin No
コメント Comments
動画URL Movie

総括 Summary

総合的なコメント General Comments All this information is from end of day on the 22nd. It should settle fairly quickly in sheltered areas. Really no idea how it will be in open areas Treeline and above.