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190125 Tsugaike Area, Happo

日付と場所 Date & Location

投稿者 Observer Contributor
観察日付 Observation At 190125
投稿日時 Posted At 190125 22:56
エリア Range 白馬 Hakuba
山岳 Mountain Tsugaike Area, Happo
場所 Location Happo N. Sides, Tengupara, Kamijo
同行者 Co-worker
雪崩情報 Avalanche Infomation

観察データ Observation data

標高 Elevation 1100m〜2200m
気温 Temp.
天気 Sky ()
風 Wind 風速 Wind Speed:
風向 Wind Direction:
風コメント Wind Comments:
降水 Precipitation 降水の種類 Precip. Type:
降水の強度 Precip. Rate:
降水コメント Precip. Comments:
雪崩などの観察 Avalanche Observations Happo N. Side - 3 x Sa Size 2 Eastern Aspects @ 1100m. windslabs up to 25cm x 20m x 20m running 75-200m. these ran fast on firm bed surfaces
雪崩発生有無 Avalanche Activities_Yes or No Yes
積雪構造 Snowpack Cross loaded features low on the N. side of the mountain
Spin No
コメント Comments
動画URL Movie

総括 Summary

総合的なコメント General Comments Tsugaike - Lower Norikura and Kamijo - sun induced crust on S-SW aspects varied thickness and firmness with inclination and elevation up to 2200m Jan 20 interface 20 - 90. manual cornice control and observed aggressive ski cutting produced no results. no signs of instability. Cornices reactive to size 1.5