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190308 Norikura dake

日付と場所 Date & Location

投稿者 Observer Contributor
観察日付 Observation At 190308
投稿日時 Posted At 190308 22:48
エリア Range 白馬 Hakuba
山岳 Mountain Norikura dake
場所 Location Tenguhara West
同行者 Co-worker
雪崩情報 Avalanche Infomation

観察データ Observation data

標高 Elevation 1500m〜2100m
気温 Temp. -9.5( / ) 〜 -4.5( / )
天気 Sky FEW 雲量1-3()
風 Wind 風速 Wind Speed:M 8-11m/s
風向 Wind Direction:N
風コメント Wind Comments:
降水 Precipitation 降水の種類 Precip. Type:Nil なし
降水の強度 Precip. Rate:
降水コメント Precip. Comments:
雪崩などの観察 Avalanche Observations multiple Sa/c on Kamijo e-s aspects Many paths ran during storm of note one Sa resulted in a full burial and evacuation. Solo rider rode the path immediately west of tengupara summer ascent route. SSE aspect 2050m Size 2 crown 30m x 20m x 1m deep. wind slab likely siting on 0306 MFcr avalanche ran approximately 150m and deposited in lookers right gully at approximately 1900m local guide went to investigate the path observing a single track in and no tracks out. the rescuer found a signal communicated his findings to others, and assembled a group to extract patient. the guide followed signal to a ski tip protruding from the snow. and began shoveling. Patient was extracted within 15 min without pulse and airway. 30 min of cpr revived the patient, patient was evacuated via helicopter.
雪崩発生有無 Avalanche Activities_Yes or No Yes
積雪構造 Snowpack 25-50cm hst up to 120cm in wind deposited areas
Spin No
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